Amanda Handel


Amanda is a well-established freelance composer, performer and piano teacher. Her special areas of interest are in contemporary classical and world music genres. She is an active performer, and a composer with three CD releases. Many of the works from her large catalogue of scored compositions are published through Wirripang Pty Ltd. Amanda also gives regular performances as the leader and singer in her quartet Canto Latino.

As a teacher Amanda has extensive experience spanning four decades, with a long record of happy and successful students. Her objectives are to awaken creativity, foster spontaneity and deepen artistry within all her students. Her piano teaching practices at the Penrith Conservatorium and private studio in Katoomba are thriving hives of learning activity.

Amanda is a dedicated practitioner of the Alexander Technique, which underpins every area in her music making. This approach fosters healthy psycho-physical habits optimising human design in movement as it deepens both musical and self-awareness.

...hauntingly beautiful, creative, cohesive and compositionally advanced, yet experimental at the same time - a rare musical treat.